The Handfasting Luxury Candle
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The Handfasting Luxury Candle

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The King and Queen of Revekka make their grand debut in Scarlett St. Clair's best-selling novel King of Battle and Blood and we are so honored to feature two fantastic pieces of artwork by Clever Crown Media & Procastle Studios in our Gallery Collection! The Handfasting is an uplifting and outdoorsy blend of silver oak and bayberry.

 Scent Notes: eucalyptus, cranberry, red apple, black currant, cypress, moss, bayberry, clove, rhubarb, foliage, cinnamon bark, woody amber

 Scent Strength: medium

Candle Appearance: white wax with purple, rose, blue and black glitter

Novel Candle Features: we use 100% soy wax produced in the USA! Every candle also features a crackling booster wood wick. We also use phthalate and carcinogen free fragrances and a wide variety of elegant and luxurious vessels.

Candle Use & Safety

  • trim wick to 1/4-1/8" before each and every burn
  • never burn for longer than 4 hours at a time
  • burn within sight and on a safe and heat resistant surface
  • Keep away from kids and pets
  • allow wax to cool before moving candle

Gallery Candle Specifications

10 oz Black Tumbler

  • Vessel: black straight sided tumbler with black metal lid
  • Burn Time: 40 hours
  • Volume: 9 fl oz
  • Net Weight: 10 oz
  • Height: 3.62"
  • Width: 2.91"