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Do you want a candle we’ve discontinued? Do you have a specific character or book you never see candles for? Are you an author who wants to create some custom candles for your books? Look no further! Use for photo props for Bookstagram or burn and enjoy!

Available in:

-4 oz tins

-6 oz tins

-8 oz glass jars.

*The matching wax melt is also available as an add on with any size!

*SALE WEEKENDS. If you order a custom during a sale weekend your order gets moved to last due to the time intensive nature of customs and the high volume of orders during sale weekends. 

*PLEASE NOTE: I do reserve the right to use any labels created by Novel Candle Co. for other candles/future candle releases unless specifically specified by you at the beginning of this process. If your custom candle request gets added to the shop I’ll notify you and give you a store credit as a thank you!

Please DM me on instagram at @mamasbookblends or email me at @ashleynstringfellow to discuss customization options!

NOTE: soy candles (especially colored candles) can exhibit "frosting" or the formation of white crystals on the top and sides of the candle. This is the nature of all natural soy wax and in no way effects the performance of the candle. It's just something to consider and be aware of when purchasing a natural wax candle.