Candle Size vs Room Size

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Every soy wax candle made at Novel Candle Co is made using the maximum fragrance oil to wax ratio possible to achieve the highest scent throw possible! However candle size DOES matter when it comes to choosing which candle size to purchase for the space you plan to burn it. Our candles also have a wonderful cold throw and the scent can be enjoyed even when not burning! Soy candles also release fragrances much faster and can be burned for much shorter lengths of time than other wax alternatives and we HIGHLY recommend not burning for longer than 4 hours at a time to improve the life of your candle.

4 oz tin: perfect for small spaces. Laundry rooms and bathrooms are our common recommendations for this size candle. These are also great to burn at your desk while working or for having on your nightstand. Approximate burn time: 20-25 hours

6 oz tin: another great candle for small spaces like a bathroom or laundry room or cozy burning environments (ie...bedside table while reading or at your desk while working) and the approximate burn time is 25-30 hours.

8 oz glass jar: the ideal choice for medium size spaces. Office, bedroom, kitchen, smaller living room or media room are the best places to enjoy this scent to it's maximum potential! Approximate burn time: 30-40 hours

10 oz Luxury: the single wick luxury vessel is an excellent choice for most living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, media rooms...the possibilities are endless with the larger candle size! Approximate burn time is 40-50 hours.

17 oz Two Wick Vessel: with the double wick you can achieve a much larger scent throw than any of our single wick vessels. This will fill larger spaces with scent. Make sure to allow the melt pool to reach the edge of your vessel with each burn to improve the life of your candle! Approximate burn time: 50-60 hours.